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Nikki Garcia

Patrice Sandstrom

MeetNikki Garcia

Nikki is pleased and grateful to have joined Patrice Sandstrom Group in October 2020, as a Virtual Administrative Assistant. Although she is new to both the world of working virtually and Real Estate, Nikki gives her best to each task she does, always willing to learn and improve to be of the greatest assistance to the team. With experience as a Team Leader from her previous career, Nikki is dedicated to getting the job done timely and consistently and always ensures that she is on top of whatever the day throws at her.

Nikki was born in Manila, Philippines, where she later met her husband and started a family of her own. They were blessed with two intelligent and lovely daughters whom she considers her deepest “Why.”

With her current career, Nikki is thankful to have a wonderful job that she is passionate about and that allows her to spend time with her loved ones. She is excited and inspired to be part of this Top-Producing team. She looks forward to helping the team in the best way she can, so she and the team can achieve their One Big Goal.

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